We Believe in a fully inclusive ai approach

AI Transformation for your industry

The possibilities are endless for AI which can be applied to any industry and not just limited to only the IT industry. As long there is data available then you are able to roll out an AI solution to help you get the right answers for you and your organization.


Bella Education Suite provides AI Solutions for educational institutes who are ready for the future! Work smarter and more efficient with our tailored AI applications

Student Care

Drop Out & Late Payment Prediction


Surveillance & Security

Human resources

AI can provide with a digital assistance to skim through the big pool of resources, with the ability of pre-assessment of candidates and much more.

Talent Recruitment

Profile Analysis

Adaptive Training

Talent Placement


AI Networks provides a multitude of AI Solutions for the financial industry with unlimited opportunities and insightful learnings through comprehensive predictive analysis and machine learning.

Credit Analysis

Debit Prevention & Recover

Financial Predticion

Customer Care


The AI solutions are endless for the Healthcare with the ability to run extensive analysis on patterns in symptoms and diagnoses providing an untapped wealth of knowledge for patients and health care providers.

Customer Care

Diagnose Support

Treatment Recomendation

Building Care & Surveillance


Get unlimited access to customer insights, analyze shopping behavior to plan sales and incentives and marketing campaigns more effective.

Customer care

Financial Prediction

Logistics Planning

Debit Prevention & Recover